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Hair Styler :

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Arm yourself with a trusty curler that can take your hair from drab to fab. With the SK Hair Styler, you can have those instant curls or straight hair that can turn your look from boring to stylish.

The SK Hair Styler is a do-it-yourself hair styling tool for home use. It has 3 heat settings you can choose from. May it be beachy waves or loose curls, or you just want straight silky tresses you can easily achieve that chic look with this amazing machine. This styler has a black 32mm tourmaline ceramic barrel that secures your hair won't be damaged.

How to use: 
1. Before using your hair styler, you should always start with clean, dry hair.

2. You should also detangle first with a brush or comb, and all sections should be combed out for optimal results and shine. Sections of hair to be styled should be no wider than the length of the hair styler barrel. We recommend starting with 1 to 3 inch sections at a time for whichever style you want to achieve.

3. Style the under layers of your hair first. After under layers are completed, style your top layers.

5. You may use any salon quality styling product with your hair styler, however we do not recommend the use of any oil-based products with your hair styler.

6. For better hold, you can use your favorite light styling spray on each section of hair before using your hair styler. Go slowly! The most important lesson is to glide the hair styler slowly. Don’t worry if you see “steam” coming off of your hair when using your hair styler. This is not the result of any damage to the hair, it is simply excess moisture that is evaporating.

Love playing with your hair?
Sticking to just one hairstyle for each and every day can be boring for someone as exciting as you. Let your hair follow your mood. Romantic curls or sleek and straight? You do not need to go to the salon for that. Style your hair at home with these hair styling tools from Lazada.


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Hair Styler
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